Visiting the Knox County Sheriff’s Office

A delegation of concerned Knoxvillians and Knox Countians have been visiting the Knox County Sheriff’s Office for weeks now. As a member of this group, we want to meet with the Sheriff and express our concerns with the implementation of the 287(g) agreement.

HOWEVER, we have not been given a forum with Sheriff Jones. We have been promised a meeting and then he changed the conditions for the meeting. Sheriff Jimmy Jones has promised another meeting but how can we know that he will keep his promise this time around?

We are afraid that Sheriff Jones will simply sign the memorandum of agreement.  As an elected official it is wrong not to meet with his constituents and his tax base when his is making a multi-million dollar decisions with taxpayer money. It is also wrong not to meet with concerned citizens when he is considering such a controversial as 287(g). One needs only to look so far as Davidson County for abuses and a lack of oversight that Sheriff Daron Hall has allowed in his 287(g) program. Knox County needs more accountability and transparency not less and the Sheriff needs to acknowledge his role as a public servant and listen to Knox County’s concerns.

Don Jacobs of the Knoxville News Sentinel has provided coverage of the delegations which have attempted to schedule a meeting with Sheriff “JJ” Jones.

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