A heart-stirring event in the campaign to stop 287(g)

Thanks to families and individuals who came out last night in support of Tennessee’s women who have been affected by harsh and inhumane immigration laws. And thanks to everyone who came and said that they will not stand for these laws and programs in our communities while they are being abused and are destroying our hard-working minority and immigrant neighborhoods, communities, and families.

A special thanks to We Belong Together, TIRRC, AKIN, and other organizers who helped to bring these concerns to the public’s eye.

The Knoxville News Sentinel’s media coverage is here:


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Visiting the Knox County Sheriff’s Office

A delegation of concerned Knoxvillians and Knox Countians have been visiting the Knox County Sheriff’s Office for weeks now. As a member of this group, we want to meet with the Sheriff and express our concerns with the implementation of the 287(g) agreement.

HOWEVER, we have not been given a forum with Sheriff Jones. We have been promised a meeting and then he changed the conditions for the meeting. Sheriff Jimmy Jones has promised another meeting but how can we know that he will keep his promise this time around?

We are afraid that Sheriff Jones will simply sign the memorandum of agreement.  As an elected official it is wrong not to meet with his constituents and his tax base when his is making a multi-million dollar decisions with taxpayer money. It is also wrong not to meet with concerned citizens when he is considering such a controversial as 287(g). One needs only to look so far as Davidson County for abuses and a lack of oversight that Sheriff Daron Hall has allowed in his 287(g) program. Knox County needs more accountability and transparency not less and the Sheriff needs to acknowledge his role as a public servant and listen to Knox County’s concerns.

Don Jacobs of the Knoxville News Sentinel has provided coverage of the delegations which have attempted to schedule a meeting with Sheriff “JJ” Jones.


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More Media from the Vigil

We had a huge turnout for the vigil Wednesday evening, April 25. Over 400 people came out. Despite the looming decisions of the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of Arizona SB 1070 and similar copy-Arizona Immigration laws, Knoxville came out and collectively said that we don’t need any more racist and prejudiced laws and we don’t need the 287(g) Program.

Here’s the media line up:

Another editorial in relation to the campaign


KNS coverage of the vigil


WBIR story


WATE coverage with video http://www.wate.com/story/17770970/rally-against-immigration-laws-in-downtown-knoxville

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Standing in Solidarity with Alabama and Arizona: Alto 287(g) Vigil

Starting at 7:30 in Krutch Park on Aril 25, Knoxville United Against Racism is going to have a Vigil remembering and honoring those negatively affected by the US’s immigrations policies and programs. Wednesday is also the same day that the Supreme Court is going to hear t…he case of Arizona SB 1070 which could result in the overturning of the draconian anti-immigrant laws that have been terrorizing Arizona and Alabama. Come stand in solidarity with your Immigrant brothers and sisters!




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Media Coverage for April 17 Rally and Occupation

Here is media coverage from the WATE, ABC affiliate here in Knoxville.


This is the Knoxville News Sentinel’s article both on the Knox County Sheriff’s visits and the rally.


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Media Coverage for the April 12th Demo

The demonstration held yesterday at Knoxville’s City County Building had over 80 peoplecome out and stand up against 287(g). There was a local musician, Kukuly Ariarte, who came out to play some songs of solidarity and protest and the protesters made their presence known by chanting and handing out fliers to passing cars.  Naturally we received some media coverage.

En Español:

La demostracion de protesta que fue mostrada ayer en el “Knoxville City County Building” (el edifisio del Condado en la Ciudad de Knoxville) tubo mas que 80 personas que llegaron y se proclamaron contra 287(g).

En el evento toco musica un asrtista local,  Kukuly Ariarte, este artista toco algunas canciones de soledad y protesta, los protestantes hicieron su presencia dando a conocer, cantando y pasando volantes a los carros que pasaban cercas de el lugar. Naturalmente recbimos un poco de atencion de los medios.

Here is the Knoxville News Sentinel(Aqui esta el Knoxville News Sentinel):


Here is WBIR, the NBC affiliate in Knoxville(Aqui esta el WBIR, el NBC affliado en  Knoxville):


There was also another editorial in the Knoxville News Sentinel written by Pam Strickland(Tambien ubo otro articulo en el Knoxville News Sentinel escrito por Pam Strickland).


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Knoxville United Against Racism Rally Today 4/12

Where: City County Building, 400 W. Main St, Knoxville, TN
When: 5:30 to 6:30 PM April 12, 2012
Come help Knoxville stand together to say NO to the 287(g) program in Knox County, TN. 287(g) is a federal program that turns local law enforcement officers into Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. The program uses local funds to enforce federal immigration law. Knox County Sherriff J.J. Jones has submitted a request for Knox County to join the 287(g) grogram. 287(g) increases racial profiling by police, creates fear in immigrant communities and erodes trust in law enforcement.Sponsored by Allies of Knoxville’s Immigrant Neighbors (AKIN)Everyone welcome!
En Español:
287g es un progama federal que convierte la policia en agentes de migracion y aduana (ICE). El programa usa fondos locales para applicar la ley federal de migracion en  el Condado de Knox.
El Sheriff del condado “J.J.” Jones le a pedido al gobierno federal , que apliquen el progama 287g en el condado de Knox.
 El gobierno declaro que el objetivo de el programa es para quitar los criminales peligrosos de las calles.
Pero en los lugares afectados a sido una licencia para mal entrenados policias, sin supervision para pasar un filtro por la communidad,buscando cualquir escusa para arrestar y deportar nuestros vecinos immigrantes, tambien residentes de los Estados Unidos. En los primeros dos años del programa en Nashville, el 85% del los arrestos eran por actos menores, pero de todas maneras los deportaron. El programa 287g separa familias trabajadoras de sus casas y rompe la relacion entre la policia y la communidad.
Another important way you can raise your voice is to contact Knox County Officials:Knox County Sheriff J.J. Jones:
Phone: 865-971-3901
Online Comment Form (scroll down to bottom of page): http://www.knoxsheriff.org/contact/Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett:
Phone: 865-215-2005
E-mail: mayor@knoxcounty.org
See More
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